Breda Haugh Jewellery Commission Sketch

Exhibition Works

From time to time I relish the challenge to make work that extends my boundaries. With such work I have participated in many exhibitions over the years.  The most notable are the following:

Circle of Life Vice Versa Jewellery Exhibition
1990 / 1991


Jewellery as Sculpture - Sculpture as Jewellery.

This juried touring exhibition was a collaboration between the Jewellers & Metalworkers Guild with Visual Arts Ireland – then the Sculptors Society of Ireland.

Image: Circle of Life – Installation of a life sized charm bracelet with found objects. The concept of jewellery and scale was explored here.




Venues: Da Capo,  The Design Tower & The School of Jewellery, Birmingham, UK.

The Embrace ring was inspired by the play of light upon the architecture outside my studio window. The piece is intended to be playful; the negative spaces allow light to permeate the work, while the interior is overlaid in gold to intensify the outward reflected light. 

Image: Embrace ring: Sterling silver with 18ct yellow gold detail, textured and polished finish. 2.2 cm *1.9 cm  *4.9 cm /2007

Embrace Ring for Birmingham Exhibition
Wunderkammer The Gift Dublin Exhibition Breda Haugh


The Gift

Venue: Waterways Centre, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin.  Tower Design Network. 


The Gift was created in response to The Bender Collection of Asian Artefacts in the National Museum of Ireland, Decorative Arts & History. It is a tribute to Alfred Bender’s generosity, his fascination with books, and his support of US and Irish artists and writers.  The piece takes the form of two small silver works and an accordion book.  The book contains line drawings and watercolours based on nineteenth century Japanese prints in the collection and two lines from W. B. Yeats’s poem The Song of Wandering Aengus: “Silver apples of the moon, golden apples of the sun”

The silver bowl directly references the gift of fruit in the eighteenth century Thanka painting depicting Arhat Abheda, a disciple of Buddha. The fine wires applied to the external surface of the silver box reflect the architectural structure portrayed in many Japanese prints and signifies confinement. The inside of the box is devoid of line, expressing the notion of freedom of restraint

Image depicts both silver pieces:

Item 1:  Silver box embellished with 18ct yellow gold wire on a brush and engraved textured background.  1.5 cm *  1.5 cm * 1.5 cm 

Item 2:  Silver dish with applied  silver and gold apple motifs on a brush and engraved textured background.  3.1 cm in dia * 1.7 cm.

Book not in image.


A Little Nonsense Now and Then is Relished by the Wisest Men

Group exhibition by 15 Irish Jewellers

Venue: The Fumbally Exchange, Dame Lane, Dublin 2.

The collection of three rings and two brooches formed an installation within a 3d paper environment.

I love the waterside by my studio.  It is a scene of constant movement, rhythm, change, patterns, lightness and dark. The play of light on glass, bridges over water. Living and stories.

My work plays with these forms and textures and is inspired by the skills that brought them to us.

Materials: Silver with embellishments of gold and oxidation.

A Little Nonsense Silver Ring for Dublin Exhibition