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Ranging from wedding and engagement rings, to anniversary or special birthday presents, it is a special experience to commission a bespoke piece.

The process begins with a  conversation when we discuss your ideas and how they may be incorporated into the overall design. During this consultation, I will begin the sketching process to be refined into your final design.

If necessary I will make a 3D mock up of the design in wax or metal so a clear idea of  how the finished piece will look emerges. A couple of fittings may be necessary before your piece is complete.

There is no charge for an initial consultation and sketches and a 50% deposit is required for commissioned work. The final balance is due on completion.

Our commission service extends to the corporate sector with items such as medallions and other bespoke jewellery. 

The length of time a commissioned piece of work takes is dependent on its complexity. An estimate of both time and investment will be given before commencement.

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